This is because there is a incorrect Username/Password for the BBPS or BBMS account.

To edit the BBPS (Blackbaud Payment Services) Username & or Password as a Payment Services Manager navigate to:
  1. Core
  2. Settings
  3. Payment Settings
  4. Payment Processing
  5. ReEnter the Credentials
  6. Click Save

 To edit the BBMS (Blackbaud Merchant Services) Username & or Password navigate to:
  1. Core
  2. Settings
  3. Payment Settings
  4. Payment Services 
  5. Click Edit on the BBMS Account
  6. ReEnter the Credentials
  7. Click Save
Then you can test the event registration by navigating to:
  1. Go to the event registration URL (the webpage where the form is located) and fill it out with random info for name, address, etc.
  2. Select Visa as the credit card type and enter the following card number #4111111111111111.
  3. Next, enter CVV security number 808 and expiration date 2/17.
  4. Follow instructions on form and submit. (Note: The payment will fail. This is normal.)

Check the recent transactions in the web portal and review the payment failure. If the failure is visible, then the payment gateway is working. If not, then further troubleshooting is required.

You can check to see what the Failed error message is by navigating to:

  1. School Website
  2. Events
  3. Registration forms and attendees
  4. Finding the Event and clicking Edit
  5. Registries
  6. Click the Show Failed Checkbox
  7. Click into the Name on the Failed Transactions