Fields in Configuration remain hidden on records after unmarking the Hidden checkbox

Changes made in Configuration, Fields are not retained when users attempt to unhide fields.
This was resolved in Raiser's Edge build 795, please update to the latest version to resolve this issue. If your database is installed locally, download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable.  If you are experiencing this issue and you are using this version or a later version, click Chat with Support, reference this article.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Raiser's Edge as any user
2. Navigate to Configuration
3. Click Fields
4. Click the Constituent category
5. Unmark the Hidden checkbox of any field that is currently marked
6. Navigate to Records and open any constituent record to see that no changes made in Configuration above appear on the record
7. Navigate back to Constituent Fields in Configuration and see that all checkboxes unmarked in step #5 reverted back to being checked


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