Business Units are not added to Sponsorship recurring gift when using source code search to load the appeal

When entering a Sponsorship along with a recurring gift, a user may notice that the recurring gift does not include the business units related to the appeal.  This occurs when the appeal is loaded by searching for a source code.  

If the marketing effort is created from a communication template with the option 'Override appeal business units in the effort and/or in segments' the business units from the appeal will not be applied to payments entered using the source code.  This option allows you to select a business unit on the marketing effort directly.

To apply the business unit from the appeal ensure the communication template used to create the marketing effort does not have the option 'Override appeal business units in the effort and/or in segments' marked.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log-in to 4.0.
2.  Go to Marketing and Communications and Add an Appeal. 
Name: Any
Business Units:  add a business unit for 100% credit for revenue.  
3.  Save. 
4.  Go to Direct Marketing Efforts and Add an Example complex mail template.  Save.  
5.  Edit your Marketing Effort and add your Appeal from step 2. 
6.  Add a Segment on the Segments tab that uses a selection of All Constituents. 
7.  On the Effort Settings tab, add a Source Code. 
8.  Active your Effort. 
9.  Go to Sponsorship and Add a sponsorship.  
Financial Sponsor:  Any
Program:  Any
On the Sponsorship tab select an opportunity. 
On the Payment tab, enter an Amount and Search for your Source code from step 7.  (**This is the important part and this will load your Appeal)
10.  Save.  
11.  Under More information click Go to recurring gift.  
12.  On the Business Units tab, notice your Business units from the loaded Appeal do not transfer over. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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