Mail Grades do not match the Address they are applied to.

When working in Blackbaud CRM, After Running the AddressFinder Update Process; The mail grades on the addresses do not match the NCOA footnote returned or the actual address they are assigned to. 
An Address will be a 'Forwardable Move' with a mail grade of 'invalid address, do not mail' or a Footnote of 'Moved, No Forwarding Address' with a mail grade of 'This is a valid Address, Send Mail to'
We are currently evaluating this issue. 
  Good Mailable Address.PNG

Steps to Duplicate

After running AddressFinder

Open a record in Constituent View
Ont he Contact Tab, Select An Address and then select the details tab. 
Review the Footnote and Mail Grade values.


 Blackbaud CRM

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