How do I choose a different BBMS account to use?

Blackbaud allows for organizations to have multiple BBMS accounts. During the provisioning of Online Express, only one BBMS account can be selected.  There are often circumstances in which a different BBMS account needs to be used for a donation form than the one originally selected during setup. 
  1. In Online Express, go to Donations 
    • To create a new donation form, select Create a Form
    • To modify an existing form, browse to the existing form and select the Edit option in the upper right-hand corner of that form's properties
  2. On the Get Started tab, if multiple active Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) accounts exist, select one of the available BBMS account options in the Blackbaud merchant account field (located directly under the Name your donation form field
  3. If other changes to the page need to be made, proceed with those changes and then select Save and Close
Screenshot of the Blackbaud Merchant Account field on the Getting Started tab in Online Express

NOTE: If only one BBMS account exists, or only one BBMS account is active, the Blackbaud merchant account field will not exist.


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