Follow these steps to find the information you need in Knowledgebase (KB). We also recommend taking our quick Knowledgebase tour
KB includes our product documentation (user guides, help files, system requirements), YouTube videos, articles our support analysts have written about the questions they're asked and answers they provide, and web pages. 

1. Search

  • Type a few words in the Search Knowledgebase box and press enter or click the magnifying glass. 
  • Search suggestions appear in a drop-down list as you type.
  • To find a specific phrase, put quotes around your search.
  • Or, if you know the article ID, you can enter it.
  • We recommend not including the name of your Blackbaud product in your search criteria; instead, mark the product filter checkbox for your product on the left of search results to find results only for a specific product (see step 2 below). 

2. Refine your search and save your product filter

If you don't see what you're looking for, narrow down your search results.  
  • Content Type and Product filters display on the left side of the page. Mark one or more checkboxes to specify exactly what you're looking for. Content filters also display as tabs on the top of search results. The default Knowledgebase tab includes all content.
  • For example, to see information about only one product, select a product filter. Knowledgebase includes all products by default. 
  • The products with the most results for your search criteria automatically display at the top of the Product list. To find another product, either click More or start typing its name in the "Find your product" field.
Find your product or click More
Tip: To save your filters for subsequent searches, click the menu icon and select Save This Filter.  Menu icon

You can even save your product filter for future searches:

  1. Mark the checkbox beside the name of your product(s)
  2. Click the icon with three horizontal lines to expand the filter settings fly-out menu
  3. Click Save This Filter

Save this filter

Other filtering tips:
  • Many products have subproducts. Click the down-arrow to the left of those product filters to see them; you can mark only the desired subproduct checkbox to restrict your search.
  • To exclude a content type or product, hover over the filter and click the slashed circle icon on the right.
  • For additional search tips, screenshots, and information about advanced search options, such as Boolean Operators, review How do I search Knowledgebase?

3. Review your results
  • Click Hide Filters at the top of search results to increase the width of the results; click Show Filters if you need to add or save filters.
  • If you see several potentially helpful KB articles in search results, you can open each one in a different browser tab to easily review them.
  • There are two ways to search product documentation PDFs for a specific word or phrase:
    1. Click the up or down arrow after the highlighted search term at the top of the Quick View to scroll through each reference in the PDF.  You can change the individual search words into a combined search phrase to quickly locate that phrase in the document by closing the Quick View and searching again using quotes around the words (i.e. "constituent report"). 
    Search for multiple words

    2. Press CTRL+F on your keyboard to open the search box in your browser and type the words or phrase there.
    Browser search

4. Share your feedback
  • When you find helpful information, please let us know by clicking "Yes" this was helpful. Our support analysts and technical writers are real human beings and we love to hear when we've helped you.
  • If we need to work on clarifying the information, please click "No" this wasn't helpful.
  • For additional information, review I want to share feedback about information in Knowledgebase

Knowledgebase FAQs:

How do I mark an article as a favorite? 
Bookmark the page or add it as a favorite in your browser.   

Why do I see information about products I don't have? 
Knowledgebase is publicly available to make information easier to find; you don't have to log into to search KB (previously, you had to log in and could only see information about your organization's products). Simply add filters to include and exclude information from search results based on your needs. You can also save your product filter for subsequent searches. Instructions are above and in How do I search Knowledgebase?

Why doesn't an article automatically open when I search by article number?
When you search by article number, the article you're looking for should open in a new tab. If not, you have a pop-up blocker enabled. In order for the article to automatically open in a new tab, modify your browser setting to allow pop-ups from

How do I subscribe to Knowledgebase articles?
Subscriptions are currently unavailable. You can bookmark specific articles in your browser. To be notified of important information, join our Community.

How can I find the date of the article?
The date the article was last updated displays in search results. The dates the article was written or last updated don’t display on the article itself because it’s not necessarily helpful information and can actually be quite misleading. For more information, review What's the date of KB articles?

What internet browsers are compatible with Knowledgebase?  What's the browser compatibility?
The latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and 11, and Internet Explorer 9 in Compatibility View mode.

How do support analysts write Knowledgebase articles? 
Customer Support Analysts document the questions they're asked and the answers they provide in Knowledgebase. We want our customers to be able to find the information they need; if one customers asks us, we want to make sure it's documented and shared so other customers can benefit and save time. KB articles supplement the information in the product documentation (user guides and help files). When you contact Support, analysts search Knowledgebase to see if the information exists and can be improved, and they either update or add new articles or work with our technical writers to update the product documentation based on your questions. 

What's the difference between using the content tabs and Content Type filters? 
The default Knowledgebase tab includes all content. To restrict your results to only one content type, either select that tab above search results (see screenshot below) or mark its Content Type checkbox. To restrict your results to more than one content type and/or to exclude a content type from search results, use the Content Type filters along with the default Knowledgebase tab.
KB content type tabs

Where's the Luminate Knowledgebase?
The Luminate Knowledgebase is included in Blackbaud's Knowledgebase. Use a product filter to see only results about Luminate (see above for instructions).