Dates are off by 4 years and one day in Excel when exporting a report

When exporting a report to Excel, any dates (e.g. post dates) are off by 4 years and one day. For example if the gift date appears as 6/27/09 in the report in The Financial Edge, it shows as 6/28/13 once exported to Excel. This occurs when the Excel calculation preference setting is set to 'use 1904 date system' on a MAC machine.

Blackbaud is unable to address this issue because it is related to third-party software. Contact the third-party vendor for assistance.

MAC machines by default are set to 'use 1904 date system' for the calculation preference setting within Excel. To change the dates back to the correct date and format, follow the steps below:
  1. Open exported report within Excel
  2. Go to Excel > Preferences at the top of the screen
  3. Click Calculation
  4. Unmark the '1904 Date System' check box
  5. Click OK.


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