Error: Portion subject to tax cannot exceed the gift amount (UK only)

Occurs when importing split gifts for gifts that already exist in Raiser's Edge
Occurs using Admin > Import > Gifts > Split Gifts option
Occurs because the Portion subject to tax field is set as the whole gift amount and therefore more that the split amount on the split gifts to be imported. 
See example below where the Portion Subject to Tax is £10 but the split amounts on each of the gifts is less than £10, even though the combined total of the split amounts is £10.
This is planned to be resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96, which will be released and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in fall 2016. For further updates on this release, please refer to our Release page

Alternate solution:
  1. Create a gift query of the gifts that require split gift information to be imported.
  2. Use that gift query in Export to export in Excel format the Gift import ID and Portion subject to VAT fields
  3. Open the Exported file in Excel and select File, Save As and save as a CSV file.
  4. Then open the exported Excel file again and change the Portion subject to VAT to £1 and save as a CSV file, but with a different name to the file saved in Step 3.  Note that this amount needs to be less than or equal to the lowest split amount to be imported.
  5. In Raiser's Edge use the file saved in step 4 in Admin > Import > Gift > Gift import to Update Existing Records.  For example, if the portion subject to VAT in the exported file was £10 and the file saved in step 4 changed this to £1, then this import will change it to £1 on the Tax tab of the gift.
  6. Import the split gift file and, as the Portion subject to VAT no longer exceeds the amount on the split gifts, then the issue discussed above should not occur.
  7. When complete and split gift now show correctly on the gifts, then use the file saved in step 3, with the original Portion subject to VAT amount in a gift import to Update Existing records, to return this to the original amount - eg £10.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add a gift in Raiser's Edge - for example a cash gift for £10
  2. The split gift information was not added with the gift therefore create an import file to import the split gift information, selecting the options to Update Existing Records and also tick the option Import records not found as new records.  This is because -
    • The 1st row for the split in the import file includes the split gift import ID for the entry that currently exists on the Split Gift tab of the gift. 
    • The 2nd row of the import file includes the split gift information for the new split to be added. 
    • For example, the split amounts on both is £5 where the 2nd split has a different appeal from the 1st split.
  3. When validating or importing the split gift file via Admin > Import > Gift > Split Gifts, the exception "The portion subject to tax cannot exceed the gift amount" occurs.
  4. Cannot include both splits on the same row and use a Gift import to Update Existing Records, as the Split Gift fields on the Fields tab do not include split gift Import ID


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