Why is geocode information deleted from addresses submitted to a global change geocode process that fails

Global Geocoding allows one to add geographic coordinates globally to addresses, so that they are able to be mapped in the Mapping feature. Occasionally when running the global Geocode process a 503 error will occur. The records will not be geocoded and the longitude and latitude data on the records that have been previously geocoded is removed from the record. If you encounter the 503 error, try to geocode your records later in the day. In the meantime we are working to resolve the issue.
Download and install the latest patch which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Administration
2. Click Global changes
3. Click Add
4. Double click Address Geocode
5. Name the process
6. Click the magnifying glass
7. Click Search
8. Double click the Selection you wish to geocode
9. Mark the only process primary address and only process new and changed addresses accordingly
10. Click Save
11. Click the chevron in front of the process that was just created
12. Click Process global change
13. You may get a 503 error message, meaning that there was an issue with connecting to the Bing Maps vendor.
14. This may result in any previously screened records to have their geographical coordinates being removed from their record.

To verify if geographical data was removed, you can create a query by following the steps below.

1. Click Analysis
2. Click Ad-hoc Query Search
3. Click Search and double click on the name of the query you geocoded
4. Click Edit definition
5. In left column click Plus sign icon in front of Address (Primary)
6. Click Address Coordinates
7. In the middle column click and drag Latitude to the Results fields to display box
8. In the middle column click and drag Longitude to the Results fields to display box
9. Click Preview results tab
10. You should now be able to view if geographical data has been removed from all records if they have previously been geocoded.


 Blackbaud CRM
 Hotfix patch 25

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