I cannot save my Query to favorites

I'm having issues saving queries that were not made by me so I can edit the results. When I do so and try to add the query to my favorites page, nothing happens. "Save As" a query made by a coworker that has marked it as not editable.
  1. Open the query that has been Saved as your own
  2. Go to Tools>Query Options
  3. Check the option that Other Users may Modify this Query
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Save on the Query
  6. Now click Favorites>Add to Favorites and the options to Add to Favorites will appear.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a Query and Uncheck option "Other users may modify this query"
  2. Open the query logged in as another user that is a member of a security group
  3. Run the query and Save it as your own
  4. Click Favorites in the top Navigation bar and Select Add to Favorites, but additional options for Favorites do not appear and it does not add.


 No specific environment issues due to Duplicating on 7.95 stand alone with SQL Express

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