There are limitations with the Interaction Clause that only allow the system to go back a certain amount of time.  However, through the use of Engagement Factors and the query tool, you can get a count of a particular interaction taken (Action Alert Response, Survey Submitted, etc) based on the total recorded in the Engagement Factor section of the constituent record.  Engagement Factors are elements on the constituent record that store certain interaction types. First, you would associate an Engagement Factor to an interaction type.

For example, to set an Engagement Factor for the interaction type "Survey Submitted," follow the steps below:
  1. Data Management>Tasks
  2. Click Task Lists tab
  3. Click Create a new task
  4. Select Web Site Engagement Segmentation
  5. Next to "Which Engagement Factor would you like to update?", select an empty Engagement Factor (one where all weights are set to 0 )
  6. Below "Include these interaction types," select 1 next to Survey Submissions (the 'weight' is a multiplier, so in this case only choose 1)
  7. You can choose the age of interactions under the "Limit to interactions over a specific time period" or leave blank for a total count
  8. Choose how often you want the task to run. Recommended is Daily for this task (note that tasks only run once an evening so your query won't be available until the day after this task is built)
  9. Now you can go back to your query and choose the field type Transaction Information and the field "Engagement Factor 1 (or whichever factor you chose)"
  10. Click Add Field Clause and set the operator to "Greater than or equal to" and enter "1"
  11. Save and Run your query for results