Error: Site trial has expired - when accessing NetCommunity site on iPhone

An error may display on a mobile device, specifically using Safari web browser, that the Site trial has expired when accessing a NetCommunity page.

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This can be caused when there is JavaScript in an Unformatted Text part on the web page. To remove this alert you will need to comment out the JavaScript or remove the Unformatted Text part from the page.

To remove the part:​
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity site
  2. Navigate to the page
  3. Click Edit this page button
  4. Click the wheel icon for the Unformatted Text (there may be multiple)
  5. Click Cut to remove it
Note: To comment it out which is the second option, click Edit instead of Cut and enter the following code to comment the javascript out:
<!--Javascript code from the part here-->



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