When you are on blank check stock, that check number is able to be used again, so in order to reprint the checks you will need to void the check or checks, purge them from the system and reprint them with the same check range.  Voiding and purging a check allows for the same check number to be reused.

This can be done multiple ways, but please note you will need to have appropriate rights in the system to void and to purge checks.  

If you are still on the Payment Printing Status screen:  

  1. Unmark the Successful? Checkbox 

  2. Select to Void and Purge Computer checks

  3. Enter the check starting and ending numbers of the checks to reprint

  4. Under Payment tasks, click Print Checks and Record Bank Drafts

  5. Verify the next check number is correct

  6. Reprint the checks 

If the Payment Printing Status Window has been closed:

  1. Void checks that need to be reprinted through the Void Selected payments option on the Banks screen.

  2. If checks were posted, post to General Ledger to post the reversing entries

  3. Purge the voided checks through the “Purge voided transactions” on the Banks screen.

  4. Verify the next check number is correct

  5. Reprint the checks