Records are missing from a Constituent query when querying on event registrants.

Users may notice that records are missing from a constituent query when using registrant fields as filters.  This occurs when the registrants were sent multiple invitations.  The registrants were registered from the first invitation process and then declined from the second registration process.
This is caused by the constituents being a member of multiple invitation processes.  In one invitation process they are marked as registered in a later invitation process they are marked as declined.  The constituent query is designed to pull the registration status from the last invitation the constituent is a member of.  In this case they are marked declined in the last invitation process so the query will only pick them up if you query on registration status equals declined.

Workaround:  Create a registrant query to query on constituents who are registered

Steps to Duplicate

Prereq:  Have two constituents who are spouses to one another.

1.  Create an event record with one individual registration option.  It can have no cost

2.  Create a new invitation process with the following criteria:

- Send through email only

-Include All Qualifying constituents

3.  Add both spouses to the invitation process from the pre reqs

4.  Send the invitation process

5.  Select the registrants tab of the event record and select to register one of the constituents

6.  Select the individual option from step 1 twice registering both spouses from the pre reqs

7.  Save the registration

8.  Select the invitations tab and create a second invitation process using the same criteria as step 2

9.  On the Invitees tab select Copy from and select the invitation in step 2 in the field Invitation name

10.  Ensure the checkbox’s to include registered and include declined invitees are checked

11.  Send the invitation process

12.  Within the invitation process select the chevron next to the constituent uses in step 5

13.  Select to mark as declined

14.  Create a constituent query with the following criteria:

Registrant\Event\Event Lookup ID = [ID of event created in step 1]

AND Registrant\Status = Registered

15.  Run the query and noticed the constituents from the event do not appear


 Blackbaud CRM

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