Silverlight plugin is crashing when using Firefox v41.0

When working in GIFTS Online, Firefox v41.0.1 users may experience crashes related to the Silverlight plugin.

Silverlight Plug-In may be busy, or may have stopped responding. You can stop the plugin now, or you can continue to see if the plugin will complete.
This error has been resolved with the latest release of Firefox version 42.0. The steps below should only be used if you are unable to install version Firefox version 42 for an unrelated reason. 

This issue is caused by a recent Firefox update version 41.0.1, versions of Firefox prior to this update have not displayed the same behavior.

While we work to find a permanent resolution to this error, those that wish to continue to use Firefox can do so by installed version 40.

Note: the following steps will require you to uninstall the current Firefox browser, and may require restarting your computer, so it's recommended you print a copy of these steps.

1- Download the version 40 installer package from the Resource Library
2- Browse to your list of installed Programs,  Control Panel>Programs and Features
3- Highlight Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 and select Uninstall
4- Follow the on screen prompts to complete the uninstall
5- Once the uninstall completes, launch the Firefox Setup 40.0.exe from step 1
6- Follow the prompts on screen to complete the install

Once the install completes, you must turn off Automatic Updates
7- Open Firefox, and click the 3 horizontal line button to open the Menu
8- Select Options>Advanced
9- Under Firefox Updates, select either:
Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them
Never Check for Updates


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