Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, backup the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.
  1. Copy problem note from Action Notes to Word document and save in a shared location on the network
  2. Create a static Action Query to find notes containing signatures / logos (e.g. Notes, Type equals Email or Notes, Specific Notes, Email Description equals [value])
  3. Create an Action Export and select query from step 2, export:
          Action Import ID
          Action Notepad Import ID
          Action Notepad Title
          Action Notepad Description
          Action Notepad Notes
  4. Export to Excel format
  5. Open file in Excel - remove the problem Notes column, add new column 'NewNotes' - enter value to show where to view email content e.g. Email copy in P:\Notes\Document.doc (path being location of document saved in step 1)
  6. Save file as CSV
  7. Import and Update Existing Records using Constituent Action Notepad Import 
          Fields to be mapped are:
          Action Import ID to Action Import ID (CALink)
          Action Notepad Import ID to Notepad Import ID (CANoteImpID)
          New Notes to Notes (CANoteNotes)
  8. Update Statistics 
  9. Rebuild Indexes 
  10. Shrink the database 
This will need to be done for all Action Notes that contain logos or signatures

How to add notes to avoid database increase

Option 1
Remove any pictures and/or signatures from any documents before copy and pasting into the Notes field.

Option 2
  • Globally add actions to the specific group of constituents
  • Add the Action Information
  • Instead of adding the document to Notes - use the Document field to enter the path where the document is saved. The document should be saved to a shared folder so all users can access the path.