Gift records have different fields in NXT web view than is appearing in the database view

When users look at the quick view of a gift record under the Gifts section of the Constituent record in the web view, the gift information (namely, the Fund selected) does not match the Gift record in the database view.  If the user clicks on the gift record in the web view, the correct information appears and matches the Gift record in the database view.

Please contact Support with the following information:   

  • The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).

  • Screenshots of example records; be sure to take screenshots in Database View and NXT View

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into database view 

2. Open an example Constituent's Constituent record

3. Open an example Gift record experiencing behavior in NXT

4. Note the Fund selected

5. Log into the web view

6. Select Fundraising

7. Open the Constituent's profile from step 2

8. Scroll to the Gifts section and open the gift from step 3; notice the Funds don't match

9. Click on the gift record and notice that the Fund selected matches the gift record in the database view

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