To do this navigate to: 

  1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists 
  2. Click Manage Basic and Advanced lists
  3. Select List Templates
  4. In the Category Dropdown click the Academic Group option
  5. Student Course Enrollment with Faculty
  6. Click View/Copy
  7. In Select Objects select in Academic Group- Academic Block, Academic Room
  8. Click Display Fields
  9. Click + and Add Academic Block.Block,Academic Room.Room Number, Academic Room.Room Name
  10. Click the X in Display Fields on 
  11. User Base [1].Last Name
  12. User Base [1].Grad Year
  13. User Base [1].First Name
  14. Click Filters
  15. Change User Role.Role any of Student to Course Faculty Head is True
  16. And click the + to add another Filter
  17. Select the Course Term.Term Description is 1st Semester in the Dropdown

From here you can export to Excel and filter by Teacher.