To do this navigate to: 

  1. Lists
  2. View All
  3. List Templates
  4. In the Category Dropdown click the Academic Group option
  5. Student Course Enrollment with Faculty
  6. Click View/Copy
  7. In Select Objects select in Academic Group- Academic Block, Academic Room
  8. Click Display Fields
  9. Click + and Add Academic Block.Block,Academic Room.Room Number, Academic Room.Room Name
  10. Click the X in Display Fields on 
  11. User Base [1].Last Name
  12. User Base [1].Grad Year
  13. User Base [1].First Name
  14. Click Filters
  15. Change User Role.Role any of Student to Course Faculty Head is True
  16. And click the + to add another Filter
  17. Select the Course Term.Term Description is 1st Semester in the Dropdown

From here you can export to Excel and filter by Teacher!