Error: following error(s) must be corrected before continuing - when registering a new user on login page

When registering as a new user and completing a Constituent Date Attribute field, if the user does not enter the date format of MM/DD/YYYY (like 01/01/2015) and submits the form the following error is thrown:

"following error(s) must be corrected before continuing"

The error text above is not descriptive enough to tell the end user the date format they entered is incorrect and to enter the correct format.
This is resolved in the latest version of NetCommunity. If you're not on the latest version, add descriptive text to Login Part giving direction to end user to enter the correct date format of MM/DD/YYYY for the date attribute.

Steps to Duplicate

(be sure Constituent Date Attribute from RE is added to login part)

1. Navigate to Login Page
2. Click on link to register new user
3. Complete form and for the Date Attribute field enter dates in a varity of formats, example:
    1) MM/DD/YY like 09/09/15
    2) M/D/YYYY like 9/9/2015
    3) M-D-YY like 9-9-15
NOTE: you can enter any date format you like but it will throw an error ""following error(s) must be corrected before continuing""
4. Enter the date in the correct format of MM/DD/YYYY like 09/09/2015 and the registration will process with no errors


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