How to report on monthly worked hours by SSN

In Payroll, Social Security Numbers are masked on all reports.  If the total number of monthly hours is needed to be reported on with visible SSN's, a query will be needed.
1.  In Payroll, select Query>> New>> Time and Attendance Batch, Dynamic
2.  On the Criteria tab>> expand Time Entry>> select Batch End Date>> change operator to between>> enter desired date range
3.  Output tab>> expand Employee>> select SSN
                        >> expand Time Entry>>  select Total hours/units
4.  Sort tab>> expand Employee>> select Employee ID (this will not display in the Results)
                   >> expand Time Entry>> select Batch End date
5.  File>> Save
6.  Click Run

Note: There will be some duplicate rows of the same SSN.  This is because there are multiple time and attendance batches in the date range of the month and within each batch, there can be multiple pay types with different amounts of hours.  There will be some work to do in Excel to get the monthly subtotal.


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