Fund Summary part not showing fund amounts

Viewer navigates to the fund summary page and regardless of what fund is selected in the fund selection drop down the fund values display as a zero value.

Fund Summary Page
Solution 1.
Make sure  NetCommunity can connect to the databases, Using the DB - Connection Test Utility 
  1. Log into NetCommunity as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer >Parts from the drop down
  3. Search for the DB Connection Test Utility and click search
  4. Locate the part in the list, select it and click the edit pencil to launch the part
  5. Select from the drop down the database then click test to verify it is connected, make sure to check the FE, RE, and GE databases
If it Fails on any of the three data bases(FE, RE, or GE) proceed to Solution 2.
If it Passes proceed to Solution 3.

Note: This part does not have to be on a page to function correctly

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                                            DB - Connection Test Utility

Solution 2.
Note: This may require a ticket with your data hosting center if your organization does not host Raiser's Edge.

Make sure the databases can connect to the Raisers Edge Web Service 
  1. Log into the Raisers Edge Web Server as Domain Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Raisers Edge Web Service Directory (C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\Raisers Edge WebService ) and then to the Custom folder and locate the FusionDataAccessConfig.exe 
  3. Launch the Utility and verify the connection settings are correct, trouble shoot as necessary.
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Solution 3.
One final check you can make to attempt to resolve this issue is to verify that there are Active Connection to FE and RE applications.
  1. Log into Granted GE
  2. Review the Connection(s); they will say Disconnect (Blue) or Connect (Red).
  3. Click on the Connect link to connect them to the applications if needed.
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into NetCommunity as an authorized Fund Advisor
2. Navigate to the Fund Summary Page
3. Select any fund from the fund selector drop down
4. View the Fund values (they appear as zero value)


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