If the grades cannot be seen in FAWeb and NetClassroom, then the grades will not show in NetCommunity. 
  1. Verify the Graded Assignments Show Grade Date is recent in FAWeb:
    1. Log into Faculty Access for the Web (FAWeb) as the teacher 
    2. Click on Gradebook
    3. Click on Edit Assignments
    4. Choose the class from drop down 
    5. Change Show Grade Date field value to the due date or later date (like today's date)
    6. Click Save 
Now log in as the student and verify that the assignment is showing in the recently graded list. If it is still not showing, make sure the date entered falls within the range of dates for the other assignments showing. The part only displays ten assignments at a time, so if there are ten other assignments that have a more recent date then the assignment will still not show. You can try changing the Show Grade date to today's date to verify if the assignments will show. 
  1. Verify there are not any hold codes on the student record in EE: 
    1. Log in to The Education Edge
    2. Click the Registrar's Office module
    3. Click Records > Students
    4. Open the student's record
    5. Click the Hold Status button on the Bio 1 tab
    6. Verify there are not any hold codes listed. If there is a hold code listed, if today's date falls within the start and end date the grades will not display in NetCommunity. The hold code will have to be ended in order for the grades to show in NetCommunity. 
    7. Click OK
    8. Click Save and Close for the record
  2. Verify Information is set up to show in NetClassroom set up in EE: 
    1. Log in to The Education Edge
    2. Click the Registrar's Office module
    3. Click Configuration > NetClassroom
    4. Click Grades and Years to Display
    5. Verify that all of the Marking Columns and Academic Years for the class are marked to display. To verify the correct ones, you can go to the course record and click the Grading tab. The Grading columns will be listed for the Academic year. 
    6. Click Features
    7. Verify Grades, Running Totals, Assignments, and Daily Grades are marked to be included. Verify you are choosing the correct school from the dropdown menu to apply the settings to. 
    8. Click out of Configuration to make sure the changes save
Note: You may have to log out and back in to the NetCommunity site to see the grades show.