Export Link not appearing on Fund Summary Page Parts

The Export Data Link is no longer present on the Part / Page

NetCommunity Community Foundation FS(Fund Summary) parts have the ability to be able to export data into a .CSV file.  Typically this functionality can be lost after an upgrade or re-installation of NetCommunity, or if it is not turned on in the first place.

This article will explain how to trouble shoot or turn this functionality on a FS Page part

  1. Log into NetCommunity as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to the page containing the missing Export Link on the FS page part
  3. Edit the page and the FS page part in question

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User-added image

  4. If the check boxes are not available on the form then this is an indication that the Web.config file in the NetCommunity Folder has been re-written
  5. The <Handlers> must be re added to the web.config
  6. Log Into the NetCommunity Web Server as Domain and Local Administrator
  7. Navigate to the NetCommunity installation Directory and open the Web.config in the NetCommunity Folder 
  8. Add the following  after <add verb="*" path="bbnccontent.zip" type="System.Web.HttpForbiddenHandler"  in the  <HTTPHandlers> Section.

     <add verb="*" path="*.csv" type="WebTemplateComponents.WebTemplates.CsvHandler, BB.ComFoundPortal.WebTemplateComponents" />

  9. Also add in the same <Handlers> section as the  FusionImageHandler and FusionDocumentHandler appear the following code:

         <add name="CSVHandler" verb="*" path="*.csv" type="WebTemplateComponents.WebTemplates.CsvHandler, BB.ComFoundPortal.WebTemplateComponents" />

10. Then Reboot the Server


Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into NetCommunity as an Fund Advisor (you must have the ability to see the page)
2. Navigate to a page containing a FS page part
3. Export Link is missing

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