Cannot add/edit actions, notes or attachments in Raisers Edge NXT

Organizations may want to add/edit actions, notes or attachments or allow their fundraisers to do so in Raisers Edge NXT. In this case they do not see the button for add or those particular options. 
Access to these areas is controlled through the settings of the security group assigned to a specific user under admin> security in the database view of the Raisers Edge.

For add/edit access to the Notes and Attachments:
  1. Go to admin > security
  2. Double click on the security group assigned to the user
  3. Click on records > options
  4. Click constituent
  5. Check the box next to constituent for View/Add/Edit/Delete as needed, then uncheck any checkboxes for areas you don't want the security group to have access to
  6. Click OK
  7. Click save and close
  8. Repeat for records > actions (constituent) and other areas as needed
Once these steps are complete it may take up to 15 minutes for the user to update in Raisers Edge NXT, but, after refreshing, they should see the options selected available to them. 



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