Only one user can log in at a time to the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool in The Raiser's Edge versions 7.93 and higher. If one user has the tool open and another user attempts to open it, the following message occurs:

The Duplicate Constituent process is currently in use by [user name] on machine [machine name]. Please try again later.

If you have run the Tool and you'd like to have multiple staff members to review the results, the Tool can generate a report of results that you can distribute among other staff to work directly on constituent records. Here's how to create that report:

  1. Open the Tool from Admin > Duplicate Constituent Management Tool.
  2. Select Individuals or Organizations for the records to report on.
  3. Select Open Previous Results. (If you have not run the Tool yet, refer to What is the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool, and how to run it.)
  4. Click Open.
  5. After the Tool opens, click on the File menu at the top and select Preview > Report.
  6. The report will generate to the screen and can be printed or exported/saved.
NOTE: The report can take a while to generate depending on the number of identified duplicate constituents. Your Raiser's Edge may appear to hang when it is really still processing the report. If you have a lot of records, try running it when few users are in the system (overnight, for example). For locally hosted Raiser's Edge databases, run the report overnight directly on the Raiser's Edge server.