When performing a searching using a constituent lookup ID and the 'Include fuzzy search on name' check box is enabled many unrelated records are returned

When searching for constituents there is a search option for "Include fuzzy search on name."  This should return constituents with names that sound like the search criteria entered. For example, if you select this checkbox and enter a last name of “Smith”, the program includes constituents named “Smyth” in the results.  However, when only the constituent ID is specified, it appears to be giving any records that contain numeric values in their name.
When doing a fuzzy search, the following SQL is added to the where clause:


@QUICKFINDKEYNAME is set to the lookup ID with %: '8-123456%'

The soundex converts names to its alphanumeric value and some of the last names may cause matches to happen if the KEYNAME is nothing but numbers.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Constituents > Constituent Search
2. Enter a Lookup ID in the field
3. Select Advanced options and check the box for 'Include fuzzy search on name'
4. Click search



 Blackbaud CRM

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