Notes and Actions tile missing from Constituent profile

When looking at a Constituent profile in NXT view, the Notes and Actions tile is missing.  If users look in the Database view, there Notes and Actions are present on the Constituent record.  Users also notice that when adding a new Action within the Overview or Actions tab in the NXT view, the Action is not added in NXT, but is present in the Database view.
Please contact Support with the following information:
  • Screenshots of example Constituents (be sure to take screenshots of the Constituent's Notes and Actions tab in Database view and screenshots of their Constituent profile in NXT view)
  • Does your organization have the Mass Merge plug-in? (To determine this, click Plug-ins from the navigation bar while logged into the Database view- is "Mass Merge Plug-in" listed?)
  • If your organization does have the Mass Merge Plug-in, when was the plug-in last run on the database?
  • If your organization does not have the Mass Merge Plug-in, when was the last time we were able to see the Notes and Actions tile in Constituent profiles in NXT?

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into NXT
  2. Search for a Constituent
  3. Open the Constituent's profile
  4. Scroll through the profile
  5. The Notes and Actions tile is not present
  6. Click on the Overview tab in Work Center
  7. Click Add Action for one of the Constituents listed under "Needs Attention"
  8. Create an action and click Save
  9. Click the Actions tab in Work Center
  10. No Actions appear
  11. Click Add Action 
  12. Create an Action for a Constituent
  13. Click Save
  14. The Action does not appear


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