Set the SaveButtonEnabled property on a parent form doesn't work resulting in the enabled option not being turned back on

Setting theSaveButtonEnable property on a parent form in a ValueChanged event doesn't change the enabled property on screen. This form within a data form extension
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Setup a dataform extension.
2. Add similar code to the below

' This event handling does change the state of the Save button to disabled and a caption of "Save me"

Public Class SellStockExtensionAddDataFormCustomUIModel

Private _parentModel As StockSaleByTransactionAddFormUIModel

Private Sub SellStockExtensionAddDataFormCustomUIModel_HostModelChanged(sender As Object, e As HostModelChangedEventArgs) Handles Me.HostModelChanged

If _parentModel Is Nothing Then

_parentModel = DirectCast(Me.HostModel, StockSaleByTransactionAddFormUIModel)

_parentModel.SaveButtonEnabled = False

_parentModel.SaveButtonCaption = "Save me"

End If


End Sub

' But the state on the Save button doesn't change to Enabled in the ValueChanged event handler(s)

Private Sub _numberofunits2_ValueChanged(sender As Object, e As ValueChangedEventArgs) Handles _numberofunits2.ValueChanged

_parentModel.SaveButtonEnabled = True

End Sub

3. Attempt to run it. Note the value of enable doesn't change correctly


 Blackbaud Infinity SDK

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