Yes, the Site Activity by Time report will allow you to capture both opt-ins and opt-outs over a certain time period.  To run the Site Activity Report, follow the instructions below:
  1. Data Management > Reports
  2. Report Writer> Create a New Report
  3. Choose List Activity from the drop-down
  4. Choose Site Activity by Time and click Next
  5. Select the appropriate columns (+ Opted Out of Site, etc) then click Next
  6. Go through the remaining steps and filter by date on step 5 by clicking Create a Filter
  7. Change the dropdown from "Is" to "In Custom Range" and select a date range
  8. Click Add this Filter
  9. Click Next and finish the remaining steps
  10. Click Save (if you want to use for future use) or Run if you wish to run the report one time
  11. If you chose the option to Save you will be taken to the Report Writer list of reports.  Locate your report and click Run Report. On the last step, click Run