Error: The current user does not have rights to use this search when searching for a recognition program record for users assigned to an all rights role

When adding a Constituent ad-hoc query, adding the recognition program field to the criteria and then searching for the program, a user in the All rights role will still get this error in the Constituent query view, but it does not occur in the Recognition program query view and does not occur for system admin users.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Run CRM under a user that is a  non-admin, but is in the All Rights system role.
2. While logged in as that user, go to Analysis\Information Library\Add an ad-hoc query. Select Constituents query view.
3. Select the Recognition field then click the plus sign to expand that folder.
4. Highlight Recognition Program, then on the right click the Recognition Program record and click the right arrow to move to the Include Records where section of the ad-hoc query window.
5. In the drop down select Equal to and then click the magnifying glass to search for the recognition program
6. Instead of the Recognition Program Search window appearing, the error message occurs, "The current user does not have rights to use this search."
7. Do the same steps above in the Recognition Program query view using recognitions\Recognition program\recognition program record fields and notice that error does not occur, user is able to search for a recognition program.

Note that rights for the Recognition Program search list are not permissionable in system roles\features on the front end.


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