Membership Types being assigned to the wrong memberships

When querying on Membership Types you may notice that membership types are incorrectly linked to random memberships in your query results
This can happen when going to far down in the query fields. Try outputting the field below:
  1. Under browse for fields in click on Memberships
  2. Drag Membership level type from the middle panel to results fields to display
  3. This should give you the membership level type that the patron selected

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Purchase a membership online that uses membership types
  2. Create a membership query and filter on a different membership type within that membership level
    1. Click Analysis > Information Library > Add an ad hoc query
    2. Select the membership source view
    3. Expand Membership Level and click on Membership Level Types
    4. Drag Type from the middle panel to Include records where and set it equal to a different membership type within that level
    5. Click Preview results
You may notice that the membership you just purchased has that different membership type attached to it


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