Luminate Online has site options that determine if the gift should be retried.  If not you can manually change the next payment date so it will be attempted before the next scheduled payment.

Related site options that can impact sustaining gifts and how they are processed:

The value in this SDP is used to determine the number of consecutive failures to allow for a sustaining gift before canceling it.
If this value is set to 0 (or blank), then the gift will be tried until it reaches the number of payments or forever.
If this value is set to 10, then after 10 consecutive failures, the gift will be canceled. The reason for canceling will be 'Cancelled - Excessive Failures'

Number of attempts to make for each payment. If empty, it will try at least 1 payment. When a payment fails, the system shall look at this SDP to determine whether to requeue the payment. If so, then it uses SDP: DON_RECURRING_DAYS_BETWEEN_ATTEMPTS to requeue the payment. Note an option of 1 will not perform any additional attempts.  Minimum value of 2 will need to be set to have additional attempts

Number of days between attempts. SDP: DON_RECURRING_ATTEMPTS_PER_PAYMENT should be set for this to take effect.