Please visit The Raiser's Edge 7.95 Homepage for the latest news, resources, and information pertaining specifically to the update to version 7.95 of The Raiser's Edge.

If your Raiser's Edge database is integrated with the Education Edge or Student Billing:

Before updating to RE 7.95 or higher:
1. Create backups of your EE and RE databases. We strongly recommend retaining these databases until you have verified your data after the updates and running synchronization multiple times.
2. Run the Mismatched Linked EE Primary Address Plugin and unlink the records identified to avoid inadvertently deleting or inactivating contacts during the update or sync.
Warning: Failure to run this plugin and address the records identified may result in data loss. Records identified by the plugin should be unlinked before updating to 7.95 and should remain unlinked during the update process.
Note: The Mismatched Linked EE Primary Address plugin will create a list of records with their EE primary address linked to an RE alternate address. It does not make any changes to your database.
Warning: If your Integration is set up to add one spouse as a constituent and the other spouse as a nonconstituent Relationship in RE, both records need to be unlinked if the constituent record is identified by the Mismatched Addresses plugin. Failure to unlink the nonconstituent spouse can result in the nonconstituent being converted to a constituent during synchronization.
3. Disable automatic synchronization
4. Run a manual sync before beginning the update process to ensure both databases are up to date
5. Update EE to 7.87, patch 10 or higher

After updating to RE 7.95 or higher:
1. Before running synchronization, activate any RE contacts marked Inactive by the update if you want to retain them in EE.
Warning: Contacts on alternate addresses in RE are marked Inactive during the update to 7.95 or higher and will be removed from EE when synchronization is run. To prevent removing the contacts from EE, the Inactive option must be unmarked. This can be done record by record or globally by contact type using the Mark Phones Primary plugin.
2. Open the Linking Grid before running synchronization. It may take some time open the grid the first time after the update. Let it run until it completes.
3. Run synchronization successfully at least twice before re-enabling automatic synchronization. You will see a confirmation message when synchronization completes successfully.
4. Review your Integration Activity Report.
5. Re-link records identified by Mismatched Linked EE Primary Address plugin using the steps in 73724.

For additional preparation steps for The Raiser's Edge 7.95 update, please visit What do I need to do to prepare for the update to The Raiser's Edge 7.95?.