Why can't students see every year on their Transcript?

If students are unable to see a year on their Transcript, it is most likely because that year does not have Publish to All selected in the Transcript Builder. To fix this:
  1. Navigate to > onRecord > Performance > Grading > Transcript Builder
  2. Click Edit for the Transcript
  3. From the left hand side, click School Years
  4. Select Edit for the Year
  5. Mark the box for Publish to All
  6. Click Save
You will need to make sure this is marked for each School Year that they are not seeing on their Transcript.

Steps to Duplicate

To fix this, we went into > onRecord > Performance > Grading > Transcript Builder, clicked edit for the Transcript then selected School Years. Then we needed to edit the previous school years and mark the box for 'Publish to All.' Once you do this for all school years, the students will be able to see all of their previous grades when the look at their transcript.

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