Luminate Web Services are tools that be used for data synchronization. This is a WSDL that describes an object model for interaction with the Luminate database.

Luminate Web Services are distinct from Luminate APIs in three ways:
  1. Luminate Web Services can be turned into an object that can be consumed by your middleware. Luminate APIs are a set of methods without an object model.
  2. Luminate Web Services are designed to synchronize your data between your offline repository and the Luminate database. Luminate APIs are designed to make quick database interactions to be used in custom web pages.
  3. Luminate Web Services use SOAP. Luminate APIs use REST.
Since Luminate does not provide direct access to the source code or to the database, Luminate Web Services and Luminate APIs are the only two ways to interact with the database without logging in to the admin side of the Luminate-based site.