This error can occur when the gift being entered in the pledge does not meet requirements or settings of the donation form being used in Luminate Online. This can include:
  • Using a form with a a Standard Donation Level to process sustaining gifts from LCRM. LCRM cannot process sustaining gifts using the Standard Donation Level even if recurring behavior is enabled. To correct this, please use the Flexible Sustainer Donation Level on donation forms that will be used in order to enter Pledges in LCRM.
  • Entering donations below the minimum donation threshold. LCRM will not be able to process gifts if the amount is lower than the minimum amount for the Donor Entered Amount To correct this, please adjust the amount of the gift to match the minimum. You may also increase the minimum amount for the donation form. Please note, though, that this will affect donations made to this form in Luminate Online and any client-facing uses of it.
If these solutions do not assist you, please contact Luminate Support and reference this article.