Application new user registration form redirects to login page

When attempting to complete a new user registration from a form display part the user may be returned to the login page after submitting the new user registration form.  No NetCommunity user account is created.
It is possible that this could be caused by the hosted NetCommunity environment, contact Support with the following information:   
  • The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).
  • The name of the form and page affected.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Navigate to a page with display part
2.  Click login to start for a form on the form display part
3.  From the login page select the option for new user registration
4.  Complete the new user registration form and click submit
5.  This will either pass you back to the login form or take you to the first step of the form where you are prompted to select a relationship and click continue
6.  If prompted to select relationship clicking continue from here will either pass user back to login page or start the application form where the form can be saved.
7.  In the majority of cases the user is passed back to the login page and is unable to start or complete the form 


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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