China and India Province/State fields do not carry over to BBSP from BBIS Donation form

After adding China and India Country fields to CRM for use in BBIS, the Province/State fields selected on the donation form for the Billing Address do not carry over to BBSP. The Province/State fields shows up blank on the BBSP form.
We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In CRM, go to Administration > Countries and States
  2. Click Add on the Countries tab
  3. Fill out all required fields to create a Country entry for China and/or India (as per How to add or edit Countries and States in Blackbaud CRM)
  4. Access the Country and add states (How to provided in the guide in the previous step)
  5. Login to BBIS as a Supervisor user
  6. Go to Administration > Code Table
  7. Click Refresh Code Table
  8. Access a Donation form in BBIS
  9. Fill out the Donation form and select Country of China or India
  10. Select a Province/State
  11. Submit the donation form to BBSP
  12. Note that the Province/State does not transfer over to BBSP


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