1. Does this happen every time they do a Daily Sale?
  2. Does it happen to all users or just one?
  3. What about other workstations?
  4. Make note of the exact date and time.
  5. Get a Jing video of the slowness.  Let’s make sure the Jing video shows whatever you are doing from start to finish so we have the exact context of the problem.  I want to make sure the video illustrates exactly what is slow and how long it is taking. Here is a KB on How to install and use Jing.
  6. Run a speedtest while it is slow from www.speedtest.net
  7. What are workstation specs (ram, processor, operating system)
  8. Get Event Viewer application logs from the workstation How to use Event Viewer in Windows
  9. We will also need  PingPlotter results
  • Download and Install PingPlotter from http://www.pingman.com/downloads.html 
  • Set the Address to Trace to your appropriate data center which is altrurig03oc2.blackbaudhosting.com 
  • Change the "Trace Interval" to 10 seconds
  • Change the "Focus Time" to All
  • Allow to run for about an hour and make sure that there is slowness experienced during that time 
  • When completed, press the STOP button, select File --> Save Sample Set --> Choose Location and Name of file 
  • Be sure to choose the "PingPlotter save file *.pp2" as file type before saving. 
  • Once you've run the program and have sent the file to support, you can uninstall the program. 
      10. Run Tracert, On the workstation; from a command prompt (start, run and type:  cmd), type:  tracert altrurig03oc2.blackbaudhosting.com (or whatever the beginning of their URL is)