Historical membership shows current membership in export

When exporting historical membership information, the current membership is displayed in the first column of the historical information fields. 
Current membership information will always appear when exporting from the Historical Membership section. When selecting fields under "Membership>Current", this will pull the membership information for the most-recent membership transaction. When selecting fields under "Membership>History", this pulls the historical transaction information beginning with the most-recent transaction --->the earliest transaction.

For example, let's refer to this screenshot:

Membership for Robert Hernandez 

In the screenshot, Robert Hernandez has one membership: 

Standing: Active 
Category: Aqua Kids 
Expires on: 8/31/16 
Join Date: 12/25/1999 

Historically, Robert has 5 membership transactions for the aforementioned membership. 
The current transaction is the first row of the historical information, which is what pulls when we select Membership>Current: 

Transaction Type: Renewal-Same 
Transaction Date: 08/31/2015 
Total Paid: $0.00 
Category: Aqua Kids 

Because the current transaction is still a part of Robert Hernandez's membership's history, the current transaction is included in the membership history section of the Memberships tab, so when we select "Membership>History", the current transaction will be included. 


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a new constituent export
  2. Select to include Membership > Current > Category Description and Membership >Current > Benefits > Benefit 
  3. Select to include Membership > History > Category Description (export 2) and Membership >History > Benefits > Benefit 
  4. Export Now
  5. The first history fields include the current membership. The second set of history fields include the historical membership.


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