Error: Invalid Date: Description - when committing or validating a Batch that contains a gift with an ecard purchase

When committing or validating a batch in The Raiser's Edge, you may receive the following error if the batch contains a gift from your Blackbaud NetCommunity website. The gift may be from a Donation Form that included an eCard and you get the exception in Batch. 

Invalid Date: Description. 


This is resolved in the latest version of NetCommunity.

Alternative Solution if NetCommunity is not on the latest version

Manually remove the time stamp from the column 'NetCommunity Sold On Attribute12'  and the Batch will commit (for example, T:0:00:00). 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create Donation Form/Page and include option to allow eCards
2. Fill out and submit form
3. Log into The Raiser's Edge database
4. Click on the NetCommunity plug-in
5. Process the transaction into a batch in The Raiser's Edge
6.  Open batch
7. Click File>Commit completed batch or Tools>Validate
8. User receives Exception : 'Invalid Date: Description'


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 The Raiser's Edge
 7.93 and 7.95

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