Yes you can charge a percentage of gift revenue as a fee.  There are two considerations:
  • Setting up the admin fee to calculate against the gift revenue account(s)
  • Running the calculation properly
Set up the admin fee in the normal way. Potential changes:
  • Assuming a straight percentage of 4% on a monthly calculation, enter 48% in the Straight % field. ( 4% times frequency of 12 times a year)
  • In the Asset Based radio enter the range or ranges of the appropriate gift revenue accounts.
Running the calculation:
  • Choose period amounts and ensure the from and through periods are correct.
  • In our scenario choose monthly as the frequency
Quarterly and annual fees can also be done.  In the case of annual fees, the percentage would be the straight 4%.  For a quarterly fee, the percentage would be 16% for a 4% fee.