How to setup a Blank Page/Template/Layout for testing purposes

To assist with testing Pages/Parts in BBIS or BBNC, use the following steps below to create a Blank Layout using the System Default Stylesheet containing a single Placeholder for your part that is attached to a Blank Template. The Blank Template (with attached Blank Layout) can be assigned to a Test BBIS or BBNC page for testing OOB part functionality.
  1. Login to BBIS or BBNC with appropriate rights to create/edit content
  2. Go to Site Explorer > Layouts
  3. Click the green New layout button
  4. Name the Blank/Test Layout and keep the default settings
Blank Test Layout setup
  1. Click Next
  2. Within the WYSIWYG Editor, go to the Insert tab and click the Content placeholder button
  3. In the Content placeholder ID text field, enter "1", click Insert
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to Site Explorer > Pages & templates
  6. Click the green New template button
  7. Enter a Template name (Ex: Blank Test Template) and specify the folder you wish this to be stored in
  8. Select the Blank Layout you created in the steps above in the Select Layouts section for both the Desktop Browsers and Mobile devices:
Blank Test Template setup
  1. Click Next
  2. Go to Site Explorer > Pages & templates
  3. Click the green New page button
  4. Enter a page name and select the blank template created above
Blank Test Page setup
  1. Click Next

At this point, you can test a Part on the page for Out of the Box functionality, without custom HTML, CSS, or Scripting.

Note: if a part works as expected on a blank page, but doesn't work on a styled page, this indicates the root cause of the unexpected behavior is design related. Please consult a web developer for troubleshoot design related behaviors, which is outside the scope of support. If you want to discuss this with a Blackbaud designer, please contact your account manager to arrange a billable service.


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