To create a list of Faculty and the courses they teach:
  1. Go to Lists > View All.
  2. Select the List Templates tab.
  3. From the Template Category drop down, select Academic Group.
  4. Click View/Copy to the right of Student Course Enrollment with Faculty.
  5. In the Select Objects tab, click the [x] to the right of Course Enrollment.
  6. In the Filters tab, under Global Filters, click [+] to add a new row.
  7. From the Field drop down, select Course Term.School Year.
  8. In the popup window, select the current school year.
  9. Click Select.
  10. In the Display Fields tab:
    • Select the box for Enable grouping options.
    • Click the [x] next to Course Term.School Year and Course Term.Term Description to remove those fields from the results.
  11. In the Order By tab, from the Order By drop down, select User Base.Last Name to sort the faculty by last name.
  12. Enter a Name for your list.
  13. Add the list to a category (optional).
  14. Add a Description for the list (optional).
  15. Click Save.
  16. Click Preview to view the results.