To create a list of Faculty and the courses they teach:
  1. Navigate to any module 
  2. Analysis > Manage Lists
  3. Select Manage Basic and Advanced Lists 
  4. Select the List Templates tab
  5. From the Template Category drop down, select Academic Group
  6. Select View/Copy to the right of Student Course Enrollment with Faculty
  7. In the Select Objects tab, expand Course Group
  8. Select the [x] to the right of Course Enrollment
  9. User-added image
  10. In the Filters tab, under Global Filters, select [+] to add a new row
  11. From the Field drop down, select Course Term.School Year
  12. In the popup window, select the current school year > Select
  13. User-added image
  14. In the Display Fields tab:
    • Select the box for Enable grouping options
    • Select the [x] next to Course Term.School Year and Course Term.Term Description to remove those fields from the results
    • User-added image
  15. Select the Order By tab, in the Order By drop down, select User Base.Last Name to sort the faculty by last name
  16. Enter a Name for your list
  17. Add the list to a category (optional)
  18. Add a Description for the list (optional)
  19. Select Save
  20. Select Preview to view the results