Configure Outlook for the Hosting environment first to be able to send emails from the Queue On Demand:

    1. Login to the Financial Edge
    2. From the top menu bar, select Tools, Microsoft Outlook.
    3. The first time Microsoft Outlook is opened, you will receive the following prompts, depending on which integration method was configured for your organization:
       - Please enter your full SMTP email address (ex. <>). This is the address where returned mail and replies to mail will be sent. This should usually be your organizational email address (e.g. <>).
    4. Click Ok, then this process will not be repeated in the future when opening Outlook.
    5. If using SMTP Relay, Microsoft Outlook should proceed to open and you can now send emails.

Once configured, it should be possible to run On Demand email Queues as long as Outlook is open within The Financial Edge.