Some users Netcommunity accounts incompletely linked to Constituent records after a User Import

After processing a user import, some of the created Netcommunity users are showing that they are linked to a Raisers Edge constituent record in the Users section of Netcommunity. However when viewing the Netcommunity tab of the constituent record in The Raiser's Edge, RE may crash when browsing the various options within the tab.

Additionally when running a query with the criteria Is Netcommunity Member Equals Yes the problem users may not appear within the query output.
This is typically a result of a User Import which was performed incorrectly. For example, the records may be incorrectly linked if an incorrect ID was used in place of the System Record ID. 

How to bulk add users from The Raisers Edge to NetCommunity

For the users who are linked incorrectly, you'll need to break the link and reestablish it. How to link a Blackbaud NetCommunity user to a Raiser's Edge constituent record


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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