Query results do not show Registration Fee Date Paid for registrations when participant has multiple registration fees on a registration

Outputting Registration Fee Date Paid in query does not show results for Date when the participant has multiple registration fees present on a registration.

Because the date paid could be coming from gifts given on different dates, the Date Paid shows up as blank. To show the date that a gift was given to apply to Registration Fees:

Include the field Registration Fees > Linked Gifts > Gift Date. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create Event or Open existing event record

  2. Create Registration for constituent

  3. Create 2 separate registration fees on the participant record.

  4. Create 2 gifts

  5. Link each gift to event registrations for participant in Event (both gifts show in Linked gifts)

  6. Save and close

  7. Create Participant query


Event name equals [name of event]
AND registration equals Registered


Participant registration
Registration fee amount paid
registration fee date paid
registration fee gift amount
registration fee number of units

Ouput shows Name, Registration, Fee amount paid, gift amount and number of units.

Registration Fee Date Paid is empty




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