Please check the following items:
  1. Ensure the Education Edge, NetClassroom, and FAWeb database is on version or higher.  There are code updates with 7.87 patch 4 that are needed to enable the SSO with the On Products.
  2. Ensure the usernames for FAWeb/NetClassroom match the username in Core.  The SSO uses the username of the person logged in to determine who to sign into FAWeb/NetClassroom as.  The username must match between the two systems for this to happen.
  3. Ensure the user attempting to SSO into NetClassroom has a password set in EE.  This can be found by opening the user's record in Registrar's Office and checking the Password field.  If there is no password set the SSO will not work.
  4. Ensure you are not impersonating a user to test the SSO.  The SSO will not work when impersonating a user due to the fact that it uses the username of the person logged in to sign into FAWeb/NetClassroom.
  5. Ensure the FAWeb SSO URL in Core > Settings > Blackbaud connections > FAWeb does not include "forms/login.aspx".  Including this piece of the URL will bypass the SSO and take the user directly to the login page.  A valid URL will look similar to https://SERVERNAME/FAWeb7.
  6. Ensure the link used on the Resource Board is setup correctly.  The middle option of FAWeb:FAWeb is the correct setting to pull the SSO URL. 
FAWeb Link Setup

If The Education Edge database is hosted by Blackbaud, additional configuration updates will need to be completed.  Please contact Education Edge Support to have this completed.  How do I contact Blackbaud K-12 Support?