Cannot print etickets

When clicking on the print eticket link from the email that Altru sends out after purchasing a ticket to an event you may notice that the link takes you to a similar screen with no ticket details
This may be because the ticket is to a special event in Altru. At this time Altru does not allow etickets for special events. To determine if your event is a special event follow these steps:
  1. In Altru, click on the Events tab and enter the name of the event in the search box and press enter
  2. On the record if you see two thermometers then this means the event was created in Altru as a special event

Steps to Duplicate

  1. After purchasing a ticket to an event online open up the email that was sent from Altru
  2. Click on the print tickets button
  3. You may notice that the print preview screen that pops up is the exact screen that you were just viewing and there are no ticket details on the screen

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