How to enable offline donations on an existing form: 
  1. Go to Fundraising>Donations Management
  2. From the Donations Campaign tab click over to the Donation Forms tab
  3. Use the search box to find the donation form you wish to edit, and click Edit
  4. On Option 1. Identify Donation Form, go to 6. Interaction Mode, and from the dropdown select online/offline, and Save.

How to create a new offline donation form:
  1. Go to Fundraising>Donations Management
  2. From the Donations Campaign click over to the Donations Forms Tab and click Create a Donation form
  3. You’ll need to select which Donation Campaign to have the form roll up into, this will determine the merchant account the transaction will process through.
  4. Select a template to use for the donation form.
  5. Under Identify Donation Form, make sure on 6. Interaction Mode that you select either offline-only or online/offline.
  6. Continue to go through the setup process updating any information that you decide.  If you do want to make this form able to accept sustaining gifts make sure that on the donation form you have removed the Standard Donation Level from the data elements and added either Flexible Sustainer Donation Level, or Forever Sustainer Donation Level.
  7. Publish the donation form.

Once you have an equipped form here are the steps to submit an offline transaction for a particular constituent:
  1. Go to Constituent360 > Constituent (If no constituent record exists, click Add One constituent and enter in appropriate data and save.)
  2. Search for the constituent record using the search fields, and click find.  Once you locate the constituent record click View.
  3. From the Profile tab, click over to the Transactions Tab.
  4. Under Gift Entry, select the donation form that you wish to make the donation on from the dropdown, and click Go.
  5. Enter in appropriate information on the form.  Please note if you do make the gift recurring this will charge the client for the first gift as soon as you finish the gift. 
  6. Click Next and then Process to finalize the transaction.